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LR Testimony
June 18, 2023

Scoping for Reconsultation of Interim Guidelines by Year 2026

Read the One-Dam Solution by Living Rivers & Colorado Riverkeeper from 2005.

To review last year's "prescoping" process, CLICK HERE



During the public scoping meetings for the development of 2007 Interim Guidelines, the water managers in attendance were emphatic; that reductions greater than 20% would be "impossible" to achieve. This is why the seven states did not participate in the voluntary prescriptions of the original Guidelines, until reservoir elevations approached the level where intakes begin to suck air.

Note: The proposed reductions from the Lower Basin States, as of this date, is about 12% per year. The ask from Reclamation was a range of 14% to 27%. It would appear that the Upper Basin states will not be participating in any reductions at this time. The Upper Basin states are building and enlarging dams at the present time, and other diversion contracts have been proposed. Consequently, the grassroots have intervened by engaging the judicial branch of governement.

At the end of the next decade, reductions of 30% will be necessary; and then 40% in the following decade. Especially if the municipalities continue to sprawl across the deserts of the American Southwest, and fueling that growth by purchasing water from farmers that take the responsibility of feeding the nation very seriously.

Proposed new sources of water, such as constructing desalination facilities, and the electric generating stations that will power them, and the pipelines, and the pump stations, and the transmission wires, will not be operational in the 2030s, nor in the 2040s.

So these are the decades when the system will crash and the assets of 50 to 60 million people become stranded.

If your thinking otherwise, consider that it took parts of four decades to negotiate the Law of the River, and to finish the construction of Hoover Dam, the All American Canal, and the Colorado River Aqueduct.

We can anticipate the depletion of our groundwater supplies as the third and final bad planning decision.

Rather than kicking a rusty can in the wrong direction, let's stop this madness and take a completely different pathway.

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Federal Register Notices

Scoping Summaries



Termination date of 2007 Guidelines
See: 2007 Record of Decision.

  • "Except as provided in Section 8.B., these Guidelines shall terminate on December 31, 2025 (through preparation of the 2026 Annual Operating Plan)."

Termination dates of "Special Provisions"

  • 1. "The provisions for the delivery and accounting of ICS in Section 3 shall remain in effect through December 31, 2036, unless subsequently modified, for any ICS remaining in an ICS Account on December 31, 2026."
  • 2. "The provisions for the creation and delivery of Tributary Conservation ICS and Imported ICS in Section 3 shall continue in full force and effect until fifty years from the date of the execution of the ROD."
  • 3. "The provisions for the creation and delivery of DSS in Section 4 shall continue in full force and effect until fifty years from the date of the execution of the ROD."

COMMENTS ARE DUE: Tuesday, August 15, 2023 (60 days)

Send comments to:

eMall address:

Or. via postal service to:

Bureau of Reclamation
Attn: Post-2026 (Mail Stop 84- 55000)
P.O. Box 25007, Denver, CO 80225

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